Assignment 2 – Target Audience

TASK THREE – Target audiences for our teams content


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  1. Environmentally conscious social media users


Digital Behaviours Psycho-graphic Behaviours Advantages Disadvantages
Shares/responds to environmental content to their social media Love, Care, Justice Active on social media = potential to reach our content Already follows similar content
Part of social media groups e.g. Save Planet Earth Ego-Expressive – wears badges to promote beliefs More likely to share our content = more views/reach May not view our content as credible due to our current views/reach
Joins discussions on social media Ego-Defensive – angered over opposing views More likely to recommend our content to similar target audiences Hard to reach high in SEO for what they’d potentially search


  1. Young professional in a large city


Digital Behaviours Location Advantages Disadvantages
Spend time on LinkedIn making future connections Lives in a small rented flat More likely to be active on social media More focused on work and securing a full-time job
Likes a lot of content but doesn’t share Travels by tube Keeps up with trends and checks the news (Twitter, Sky News) Doesn’t have time/will power to do extensive online research – only sees what is shared by others
Spends a lot of time on twitter Sees first hard an environmental impact


  1. People who search ‘CanO Water’ into google search


Digital Behaviours Behaviours + Beliefs Advantages Disadvantages
Searches topics on google search Keeps up with new products helping environment Can use SEO to rank highly in search SEO takes time
Keeps up to date with trends/news Interested in innovative green ideas Relevant to all our content Content isn’t a product selling page
Keywords = Heavy use of phrase ‘CanO Water’


1st option chosen 2nd option not chosen 3rd option not chosen


white iPhone X


TASK 4 – Digital Objectives for our teams content


Acquisition –


Objective Advantages Disadvantages
1.  Increase the number of visitors to our team website from 0pcm to 25pcm by people who search ‘CanO Water’ on Google by 31/06/2019
2.  Increase the number of visitors to our team website from 5pcm to 25pcm from people who search for ‘DSMMCM1819’ on Google 31/06/2019
3. Reach an average total from 0 of 25 views per tweet on our twitter account by 01/01/2019



1 (Not Chosen) 2 (Not Chosen) 3 (Chosen)
Issue + Risks
  • Niche = intended searcher may want to view our content



Conversion –


Objective Advantages Disadvantages
1.  From visiting the team website, we want to drive 20% of viewers to purchase the CanO Water product by 01/04/2019


2.  Increase average amount of comments from 0 to 5 on the blog content amongst the chosen target audience by 01/01/2019
3.  To attract 75% of target audience users from 50% to spend more than 5 seconds on our web pages





1 (Chosen) 2 (Not Chosen) 3 (Not Chosen)
Issue + Risks


Retention –


Objective Advantages Disadvantages
1.  An increase from 0 to 10% of chosen target audience users who revisit the web page within 2 weeks
2.  From visiting the twitter, we want 25% of viewers to share/comment their opinion online of the CanO water concept within two weeks of viewing the content.
3.  Increase the number of visits to the CanO water website from 0% of the chosen target audience to 20% from visiting our blog posts by 01/01/2019



1 (Not Chosen) 2 (Chosen) 3 (Not Chosen)
Issue + Risks


783 words


Aiden John Gorman – 16030822

Alex Melville – 16023822

Aaron Monaghan – 16037098

Luca Roberts – 16020730

Tommy Frederick Pierce – 16024306


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